Curious about the Dating Compass™, then let’s be real with each other: Dating to find real love is an incredible act of heart and will — especially when you are ready to share your life with someone and get the partner you have always wanted, without having to settle. 

… But unfortunately, having the desire to find the love of your life isn’t enough.

If you want to bring your dream of having a life-long partner into reality, especially in this age of hook-up culture and online dating, it’s going to take savvy dating skills, a step-by-step strategy, and (most of all) confidence.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why have all my friends and family found someone to share their life with, and I’m just feeling stuck?”

Maybe you’d like to find your soulmate and you’d like to have that experience of having a wonderful partner, whatever that may be for you — but it hasn’t happened yet.Maybe you’re frustrated and sad that you’re not attracting great people or you don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’re stressing or worried about making the same mistakes again when it comes to love, and want to make absolutely sure you don’t pick the wrong person ever again!

Here’s the good news:

If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed finding dates and attracting quality partners into your universe, you don’t need to quit, give up, “take a break” or on the other extreme, date every person who comes your way because you may think it’s just a “numbers game.”

But if you’re concerned about one or all of the above and not making much headway, you may just need to re-think your approach to dating.

Most people don’t see dating as a sorting process. Most single people live in the illusion that love is just going to happen magically, and when they meet that special someone, there is going to be fireworks and unbelievable chemistry, and that they are just going to KNOW that this person is for them.

But in reality, this is not how it typically works. Yes, very, very, few people experience “love at first sight”, but for the rest of us, we need to stay open to the fact that getting to know someone is a process, and picking them as your life partner takes time to make sure they are in alignment with what you are creating for your future.


That’s why I teach my clients how to create their Dating Compass™.

When it comes to dating, online dating, and the business of finding love…you need to know how to sort, and you need to know what to sort for. Like I said earlier, dating is a sorting process.

The potential men or women you bring into your corner of the universe to get to know you, to date you, to consider you as a long-term partner — or perhaps even as a marriage partner…you need to know what specifically you are sorting for.

Whether you love or hate this process of dating, if you want to find the love of your life, build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime, you need your Dating Compass™.

And to do that, you need spend time with me going though this introspective process that I have perfected over the past few years. This is valuable stuff if you are tired of wasting your time on people you are not that attracted to.

In order to make the best decision of your life, your goal is to meet and date as many people who are in alignment with your Dating Compass™. I teach my clients how to create a goldmine of potential partners.

Your Dating Compass™ is how you’re going to know if they are the right partner for you, and prevent you wasting years of your life investing in the wrong person.

But here’s the rub: If you want to find the ultimate parter for you, you can’t roll out the red carpet for just anyone.

Your objective is to use your Dating Compass™ to bring in ONLY people who’ll want what you’re creating for your life — not just get any “Tom, Dick, or Harry” or “Jill, Jane and Megan” who’ll date you, but never want to commit.

The whole goal of the sorting process is the make sure you can easily go from casually dating someone to the relationship of your dreams. The Dating Compass™ is something that grounds you and focuses you so you can choose powerfully.

I’m always using the metaphor of fishing when I teach my clients how to date. Most people cast a big net, having unthoughtful criteria in choosing dating partners because they don’t want to miss out. But with my methodology, you will be casting a smaller and more precise net into the lake of your choosing, which may mean you catch less fish, but you’ll be connected with potential partners in alignment with what you truly want.

Choosing your life partner is THE MOST important choice of your life.

P.S. Struggling with the overwhelm of dating? I’ve got you. Be sure to sign up for a complimentary “Find Love” discovery session with me and let’s see if the Dating Compass™ is a good fit for you in your journey to find the love of your life!