Starts February 15, 2018

Week 1: Clarify Your Desires & Vision For Your Future Love Of Your Life

  • People who flourish in dating have a definiteness of purpose: they move on their own initiative, but they know where they are going before they start.
  • Gain clarity on what you want and need in love.
  • Experience a reality check of where you are now and where you want to be at the end of your dating journey.

Week 2: Recognize and Move Beyond Your Own Blocks to Love

  • The next person has nothing to do with the last person, but sometimes we fall into the trap of getting stuck on old patterns.
  • To create a happy relationship, it’s beneficial to work on releasing bad memories of hurtful experiences from your past.
  • As the burden is lifted, we are free to create what we truly want to experience: to fall in love in a happy, healthy way.

Week 3: Identify The Stories and Fairytales That Sabotage Your Love Life

  • It is very important to look at the fairytales that get in the way of creating a realistic love roadmap and affect your success in dating.
  • These are stories that we make up, or stories that we have decided to believe, but these stories deceive us from reality.
  • Undistinguished, these stories not only prevent you from getting a first date but also have you miss potential opportunities to build something great with a quality person.

Week 4: Consciously and Consistently Be The CEO Of Your Own Love Life

  • What is going to be your consistent strategy to meet the type of partner you want?
  • How are you going to arrange your life so that dating is a priority?
  • You are going to learn how to create and action plan and create consistent openings on your schedule for the love of your life to show up.

Week 5: Get The Right People To Want You (Just The Way You Are)

  • Learn the #1 way to make your desired partners crave you through confidence
  • Take the plunge and make a deep commitment to yourself and build a strong foundation on which to jump back into dating life.
  • We will explore your unique natural gifts and the qualities that your ultimate partner will treasure about you.

Week 6: Stop Wasting Your Time: Sifting and Sorting To Find The Right Life Partner

  • Learn how to navigate online dating without driving yourself crazy.
  • Create your personal brand online that attracts the right kind of attention.
  • Learn the process of choosing a dating site, writing a username, crafting a compelling and unique profile, writing funny first emails, and leading potential partners from the dating site to the first date with confidence and poise.

Week 7: Fix Your Picker: Avoid The Red Flags

  • Stop wasting time on the wrong people, learn the steps on how to screen potential dating partners, and avoid bad dates.
  • People have a tendency to put up with negative behavior from the people we are dating, but wise people walk away from potential dating partners that are not a good long term fit.
  • Dating is a sorting process. The quicker you get comfortable with sorting, the easier your dating life will become. Learn how to break up when it’s time to move on and cut your losses.

This is an online workshop that starts on February 15 and lasts for 7 weeks. We will meet on a Zoom call and the first part of the session will be instruction and content, and the last part of the call will be coaching and questions. Each session will be recorded, but to get maximum benefit be on the call from 7pm-8pm CST every Thursday.

Dates/Time of the program: 7pm – 8pm CST – February 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

To register use this link for payment: $497

After payment is received you will get an email from Crista about the details and how to access the program.

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