Heartfully with Crista Beck Episode 4

Heartfully EP 4: Have you ever experienced miscommunication, misunderstandings, and tension in your relationships? Do you feel like you and your partner, or your past partner, have had different ways of making decisions? It’s time to dive even deeper into the world of Human Design with Barbara Ditlow, a Human Design Analyst, Coach, and Teacher. In part 3 of this three-part series, we continue to explore the role Human Design plays in personal transformation, family dynamics, relationships, and choosing the right partner. 

One of the many interesting topics we discuss in the episode is how we each make decisions in different ways. Some of us are designed to make decisions quickly, while others are designed to make decisions over time. When a couple has two different styles of decision-making, it can lead to misunderstandings and even resentment. Understanding your unique decision-making style can be extremely helpful in creating harmony in your relationships.

As we dive into the fascinating world of Human Design, I want to remind you of something truly special: your unique design. This beautiful journey is all about celebrating our individuality, as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So, my dear friend, I heartfully invite you to tune into Episode 4 as we explore the wonders of Human Design together. Let’s embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment with open hearts and open minds.

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  • The challenge of being on the wave vs. not on the wave
  • Emotional generators have deep intimacy with each other
  • Sensing a Shift in Energy
  • Projectors and Generators: Different Energies and Fatigue Levels
  • Affirmation and Self-Acceptance through Human Design
  • How Barbara Ditlow Discovered Human Design
  • Self-Teaching vs. Seeking Guidance in Human Design


The Host:

Crista Beck

As the host of Heartfully Crista loves creating a place where people can open their hearts to love. She is also the author of the Amazon best selling book, Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself of Fairy Tale Fantasies and Find True Love in Real Life. 

Known as “The Love Radar,” Crista has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TEDx. Her love and dating advice has been heard by over a million people globally. With over 20,000 hours of meditation as well as an award winning violinist, Crista brings pure love to her 15+ years in the love and relationship industry.

Website: cristabeck.com

Facebook: Crista.Beck

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