Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Podcast Episode 39

The one time you don’t want your date to be messy is when they take you home. And we’re not talking about a little bit of clutter here and there, but the kind where you have no idea what’s going on in front of your eyes! The worst part? It’s often too late before it becomes clear that your date has more than just a few dirty clothes strewn around the floor…unless they show you their place first. In this week’s episode you’re going to hear about a story from one of my coaching clients. She is a single woman who was facing the dilemma: should I keep dating someone if their home is an unhygienic disaster? If you find yourself feeling turned off by someone because of how clean or dirty they take care of themselves, then today’s podcast might be what you need!

You’ll Learn

  • How to trust yourself when you feel turned off by a man’s living situation
  • Mistakes that some single women fall into when they are dating men with messy apartments
  • Why ignoring your sense of smell can actually prevent you from choosing a good match
  • How smell influences the process of dating 
  • How smell governs your ability to collect important information about people
  • The difference between a “slightly messy ” home and a dirty home
  • What to do to if you are grossed out my a man’s house or apartment
  • Why dating a messy person is either a “fully accept” or “get out” kind of situation


The Host:

Crista Beck

As the host of Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Podcast, Crista loves creating a place where single women can come to create loving relationships that last. She is also the author of the Amazon best selling book, Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself of Fairy Tale Fantasies and Find True Love in Real Life. 

Known as “The Love Radar,” Crista has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TEDx. Her love and dating advice has been heard by over a million people globally. With over 20,000 hours of meditation as well as an award winning violinist, Crista brings pure love to her 10+ years as a love & dating coach and matchmaker.


Facebook: Crista.Beck

LinkedIn: cristabeck

Instagram: @cristabeck

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