Now I am in an exclusive relationship with a man ★★★★★

Before I started my dating coaching with Crista I was not over my ex and it was weighing heavy on me.  Not wanting to let him go was hurting me and prevented me from having a great man in my life. I really needed help letting go of these patterns when it came to men, so that is why I reached out to Crista to learn how to date in a healthy way.  I really needed help in how to change my thinking so I could accept the right kind of person into my life.

She helped me develop my personal dating compass. I didn’t realize how much I needed it! It helped me to know the critical traits I needed in a partner and to know what I was really looking for. I also developed a bigger confidence and belief in myself in this process.

Now I am in an exclusive relationship with a man who treats me very well. We have open and honest communication and he even cooks for me! I feel very cared for.

Working with Crista has been a journey of self discovery. I feel like I have evolved a lot as a person.

Austin, TX

Feeling so much more confident!

I have been absolutely delighted with my experience working with Crista. She has helped me see that I am a prize and that realization has got me feeling so much more confident and comfortable in my dating life – any single women who struggle with dating, definitely consider working with Crista. She’s a gem!

Austin, TX

I am very blessed to have found her as my coach.

In a word, Crista Beck is extraordinary. Actually, two words define her better: very extraordinary. I am very blessed to have found her as my coach. She is insightful, smart, kind, and most importantly, caring. Even though we have never met face to face and conduct all our work through Zoom, I can tell what a wonderful person she is. I am most thankful for that. As I progress through what at times is a difficult process of re-entering the dating world after 35 years of marriage and eventual widowhood, I couldn’t have found a better partner to guide me along my journey than Crista.

Steven H.
Austin, TX

I’m definitely more confident! ★★★★★

I loved working with Crista. It was like having a cheerleader on my team, always making sure that I was moving forward every day. The dating compass I created with her was incredibly insightful and helped me to get super focused on what I want. I’m definitely more confident in myself as well as my ability to determine who fits with what I’m actually looking for and what I need.

Stacey S.
New York, NY

I’ve found the kind of love I’ve always wanted.

Wanted to let you know that we are moving things forward with our relationship and I’ve never been happier. We’re under contract to buy a house and he is in the process of ordering a ring.
I feel like I’ve found the kind of love I’ve always wanted and I was only able to do so because of the work you and I did together. I can’t thank you enough for helping me learn how to be in my feminine energy and to identify the qualities in a partner that I desire most. He is the most loving, caring, vulnerable and kind person who makes me laugh and supports me wholeheartedly. We’re talking about a Fall 2022 wedding – eeek! So excited for the future!! Thank you again for helping me find this path to love!

I’m married!

Almost one year married. I happened to find a wife I could have never even known to ask for. I would have never been able to be in this place without you. Thank you Crista!

Joey S.
Austin, TX

I have transformed in so many ways. ★★★★★

I had a difficult time setting boundaries for myself before I started working with Crista. It felt like there were so many red flags that I would ignore in the past.  Since then though – thanks to her coaching and guidance- everything’s changed; not only am I dating more authentically (which isn’t hard with the self awareness I have gained), I’ve also realized what my limits are without feeling guilty about sticking by them. And now that I know what will make me happy in a life partner, it’s much easier to know who to date because of how laid-back this new approach feels!

Long story short, this experience was much more than I imagined. I have transformed in so many ways. I can honestly say, I am now the woman I deep down always knew I could be.

Thank you Crista, my heart is now full & complete because of you.

Chellè B.
Austin, TX

I don’t feel so anxious anymore.

Before working with Crista, I felt so confused about the dating process and was stuck in a vortex of subpar guys. I wanted to know how to get out of this cloud. After the dating coaching with her things have really taken form for me. So many bad dating habits have been broken and the dates have been better as well! I don’t feel so anxious anymore. I feel peace and calm. She also helped me to distinguish how quality men show up and I got to see this stark difference in types of men in a very short period of time.

Sarah A.
Austin, TX

I feel so safe in my new relationship. ★★★★★

I had so many breakthroughs in my work with Crista. When I first came to her I struggled with being my own authentic self and I was having trouble meeting high caliber men. I also had trouble recognizing them. Now I feel so safe in my new relationship and so comfortable around him. He honors my needs. We even went and looked at houses last night! I’m so excited for our future and we are building a great foundation for our life together. More importantly, I am showing up for myself in ways I have never done before. Thank you Crista!

Tricia T.
Austin, TX

3 years together in March!

Thank you so much for all of your help in 2021. Mike and I will celebrate 3 years together in March. This will be the longest, most fulfilling and special romantic relationship in my life. We certainly have our struggles as new parents and newlyweds but there is so much love there and we are truly the real deal. Will share the wedding video once we get it.
Austin, TX

Men, men, everywhere

Ok my goodness, Crista. I am messaging with so many men. The tiniest tweaks to my messages are making all the difference. Yay! Thank you.

Austin, TX

It’s made dating so much more enjoyable.

Crista is the best dating coach out there! She provides such a beautifully intentional, kind and loving space that really helped me to move beyond my limiting beliefs so I could access deeper peace in relation to others. It’s made dating so much more enjoyable.

Amanda C.
Austin, TX

★★★★★ Crista’s knowledge is invaluable.

I sought out Crista as a dating coach because I didn’t have a lot of info on how things worked in today’s world of dating. Her knowledge is invaluable. She has the power and ability to see into people and gives honest and loving feedback.

Maria S.
Boston, MA

The work has been transformative.

I feel more confident and attractive. I have a much more positive narrative around dating and I feel clear.

She clearly cares about her clients and this work.

Crista is one of a kind. Her kindness, warmth and professionalism are immediately apparent. She clearly cares about her clients and this work. Her insight into personal growth and relationships has been so valuable. What Crista has shared has really helped me identify patterns and habits that no longer serve me. She has truly helped me to look inside myself, define what I want, and to grow towards the life and partner I envision for myself.

Kerrie S.
Tappan, NY

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ★★★★★

The guidance you gave me in our chat has helped me hear my heart louder than ever before in my life. Through your 6 questions to ask to hear my heart, I’ve been able to take my heart’s opinion into consideration more which has helped me calm down so my heart doesn’t feel the need to “scream for attention” anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

New York, NY

5 Star Review ★★★★★

The most gorgeous woman swiped right on me and now we are in an exclusive relationship. I’m on cloud nine right now. Before working with Crista there was a lot of confusion for me on how to date. I was hearing all those toxic masculine voices giving advice but I just didn’t want to play those manipulative games. Her dating coaching gave me the reassurance, affirmation, and confidence to step powerfully on to the dating scene. Doing the dating compass really helped me to take stock on what is most important to me and gave me a new standard of who to allow into my life. I am so excited about this new relationship. Crista, you have been the oracle of my dating life. I didn’t know what I was getting into before we started, but I got more than I could have ever imagined.

Austin, TX

She walks alongside you every step of the way.

Crista Beck is truly amazing at what she does!!! Participating in Crista’s program was one of the best decisions I have made–she walks alongside you every step of the way! I’m so grateful.

Erin O.
Chicago, IL

Really helped to transform my dating life!

Crista is such a light in this crazy dating world! Her advice is truly genuine, and comes straight from her heart. Between listening to her podcast and experiencing one-on-one coaching from her, she’s really helped to transform my dating life. 💗

Heather D
Anchorage, AK

Getting crystal clear and aligned works!

I am still deeply in love with THE MAN that you, and the universe, and our work, led me to. How he miraculously turned into the perfect partner, and man of my dreams, is still mind boggling to me. It proves that really getting crystal clear and aligned works! My love life is everything I wanted. And truly, truly, truly thank you for everything you have given me!!! You are magic!

Exclusively dating a wonderful woman. ★★★★★

I had been divorced for over a decade, had put my love life on the back-burner spending 12 years waiting for the perfect time to jump back into the dating scene, but I never did, until I met Crista. When I first came to her I was hiding from dating by concentrating on my kids and business. I sought out Crista’s support because I was afraid to get started, I didn’t know how to date after 12 years being single, and I needed a better sense of who would be a good fit for me. Working with Crista transformed my life. In less than a year I am now working out regularly, taking golf lessons, building my new dream house, and exclusively dating a wonderful woman who is a loving, healthy, and respectful Christian woman – just what I was wanting (after figuring that out with Crista!) When I look back to the beginning of this year dating seemed like such a big issue, but I realized from the coaching that it was all in my head, and the improvement I made in my life in just 6 months was astounding. I definitely recommend working with Crista.

Joey S.
Austin, TX

Crista is a natural at this!

Crista is a natural at this! She is definitely following her calling by bringing more true love to the world. After one well vetted introduction through Crista, my best friend is now engaged to the love of her life. Crista is magic.

I finally took the plunge and invested in my dream of a soulmate! ★★★★★

I have had the pleasure of knowing Crista Beck since 2016! I watched her relentlessly pursue her love for helping people create loving relationships. I finally took the plunge and invested in my dream of a soulmate! Thank you Crista for helping walk over my fears, doubts, old patterns and habits!

Crista will lovingly and fearlessly guide you through the dating maze and help you share your best self and attract an amazing relationship! I give the highest praise and recommendations to Crista Beck for being a phenomenal dating expert & relationship coach!!

Meshell B.
Austin, TX

It can be done…with a dating coach!

Well I must tell you if someone would have told me 3 months ago that I would have a boyfriend and starting a loving, exclusive and committed relationship by the end of the course, and that it would be with someone from my past, in a MILLION YEARS I wouldn’t have believed it!!! Everything that has unraveled over the last 3 months has been everything that I have asked for but didn’t know how to get. I knew I had to take action, and that’s all I knew. You knew the rest for me!! Your coaching and guidance has been invaluable! I am kind of scared to let it go, and to be on my own, but I feel like I might have the basics to developing this relationship (and this life) how I have always envisioned. I definitely have more confidence that it CAN BE DONE!

Austin, TX

Crista Beck is THE Dating Expert!

Crista helped me find the clarity I needed to attract my fiancé in a way I knew I needed but resisted for many years. She is THE expert when it comes to dating, and she saved my life in more ways than one! I cannot wait to celebrate the big day with her and my close friends and family!

The future Mrs. Young
Austin, TX

It feels good to date from ease, instead of pressure.

Before hiring Crista I wanted a relationship so badly and I felt out of control. I didn’t allow myself to have my needs met and I would invest my time in dating partners that were not good for me. I felt so clouded. I used to feel this extreme sense of urgency and my parents would nudge me all of the time to find someone to marry. Now that I am working with Crista I feel so much more calm about it all. Trying to find someone used to take up a lot of my headspace. I like that I am seeing more quality men now and I have learned to take the process slowly. My parents even stopped putting pressure on me. It feels good to date from ease, instead of pressure.

Austin, TX

So many great options.

Crista is a phenomenal coach!!! I use her frameworks for attracting the right partner for me (Dating Compass and Reflection Connection primarily) and it has made a phenomenal difference in my dating experience. Now I am just managing making the right choice with so many great options and believe me, it’s a GREAT problem to have. I attribute this to what I learned from Crista 100%.

Alison T.
Austin, TX

I’m more confident overall (even beyond my dating life!) ★★★★★

Crista Beck is the perfect person to invite into your journey to find love. She has helped me identify the areas where I get stuck. I am now doing the inner work I need to do, and I have ideas for practical steps I can take. If I said I got overwhelmed with dating apps she asked questions to figure out what part of the process was making me feel overwhelmed. We even came up with a strategy of how to use online dating apps in the time of COVID-19 that felt in line with my boundaries. We talked extensively about qualities I want in a guy. She never told me what to think. She simply provided a caring, safe atmosphere for me to brainstorm and process what my needs are. Crista TRULY listened to me. I felt so heard and understood throughout the entire process. She is a dating coach in the best sense of the word—encouraging, compassionate, sees new strategies, and will give you the (gentle) kick in the pants you need! Working with her feels like a gift to myself—I’m more confident overall (even beyond my dating life!) and more open to finding love.

Working with Crista is the best investment you can make.

Coaching with Crista changed my life. After years of no dates or bad ones, she taught me how to find and develop a relationship with the man who’s right for me, and it only took a few months. If you’re serious about wanting a relationship, working with Crista is the best investment you can make.

Patricia G.
New York, NY

5 Star Review ★★★★★

I learned something important about myself that is getting in the way of my confidence. Very valuable.

Verified Google Review

★★★★★ She helped me find the love of my life and myself again.

She helped me find the love of my life and myself again. She helped me gain clarity in who I wanted to be as a professional business woman and as a future wife. Crista is a beautiful soul, and I would recommend her for anyone struggling to find their ideal partner in life!

Brittany P.
Austin, TX

Crista is the best!

She brings fun, optimism, and also reality to dating. She’s helped me to see where I was living in fairly tale land and guided me to focus in on what I truly want in a partner. She really listens to what’s there for her clients with generosity and so much love. If you want to feel empowered, hopeful, and excited about dating and meeting your man, Crista is your lady.

Beth D.
Austin, TX

She’s the best in her field- I guarantee. ★★★★★

Could not recommend Crista more! She is passionate, gifted and well-connected to her field. She is an expert whose advise and experience can be trusted. Through my time working with her I gained clarity, direction and motivation for navigating my dating life. I invested all I could give in our sessions with her so I gained a lot in return. Working with Crista was truly a joy and delight; a personal highlight of my year. Look no further, she’s the best in her field- I guarantee.

Kristine L.
Austin, TX

She’s really powerful in helping people to connect.

Crista Beck has such an infectious, positive, joyful belief in love. Combine that with her pragmatic, authentic, well-grounded action suggestions… she’s really powerful in helping people to connect with the love they want to have.  Anyone who is struggling to find love… I highly recommend stepping off the random swiping merry-go-round, and let Crista help you orient yourself toward what your heart truly wants.

Shelley D.
Austin, TX

Crista helped me find love that I look forward to spending the rest of my life with.

I was hesitant about working with a dating expert until I met my coach. She helped me see how I needed to change my personal mindset from a pessimistic one to a positive, open and genuine mindset. I had a delusion in my head of what the “perfect man” was supposed to look like and act like. I realized what I was looking for wasn’t exactly what I needed. My coach helped me find love that I look forward to spending the rest of my life with. If you are struggling with finding love or are looking for love in all the wrong places, I recommend Crista Beck. She’s a class act, a woman of integrity and someone who truly wants to see you find that special someone to share a lifetime with. The only catch is you save a seat for her at your wedding!

Brittany P.
Austin, TX

I just celebrated my one year anniversary with the love of my life.

“I worked with Crista closely for over a year during a period of heavy transition in my life. She helped me realize that, in order to get what I want, I have to understand who I am. With her help, I was able to see myself clearly and honestly, and from that place, I started to make progress.

I just celebrated my one year anniversary with the love of my life. Crista helped me become the person I needed to be to make that happen.”

Chris A.
Chicago, IL

I have found new love.

“You know what happened after I worked with Crista? I have found new love that feels better than any love I have ever had!”

Kate D.
Austin, TX

Crista saved me so much time.

“Crista helped me work through some important issues after my divorce. Crista saved me so much time that I would have wasted if I did not do that important introspective work. After going through Crista’s program, I found a great guy. His son and my daughter get along and we are becoming a nice little family. Thank you, Crista!”

Amaya A.
Austin, TX

Crista’s help has me dealing with TOO many good men!

“So, I have an interesting situation. My new outlook and Crista’s help has me dealing with TOO many good men!! I literally keep getting messages from men who seem pretty great and I also am now getting picked up by men in real life. LOL, not a bad problem to have, but I can’t remember who is who.”

Diana D.
Austin, TX

It was worth the work.

“Your coaching and “Compass” have helped me both heal shame, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and believe in and manifest my incredible partner. It took a lot of work, but it was worth the work- which is mostly mindset!”

Austin, TX

It gave me hope.

“I appreciate the clarity Crista helped me attain by figuring out what I want in a relationship and the encouragement not to settle or waste my time on anything less. It gave me hope and also helped me realize the importance of making a go of things with a good person – even if there weren’t fireworks right away. In the long run, if the characteristics I valued most were there, I’d be a lot happier in the long run. And she was always very upbeat as well as validating.”

Kathy G.
Muskego, WI

I highly recommend Crista.

“We sometimes don’t fully understand how much relationships affect us. Crista’s approach is both pleasantly unexpected & thorough. I felt increasingly renewed after each session, but I can truly say I felt cleansed and empowered after working with Crista. I even recommended her course to one of my ex’s!”

Christina A.
Austin, TX

Crista has a deep gift.

“Crista is an incredible healer. I don’t know quite how much energy she’s spent over her lifetime cultivating this part of herself, but it is truly amazing. She has a gift. A deep, deep, deep gift. The space that she creates for one to process themselves and to understand themselves is unparalleled.”

Maya P.
Austin, TX

After working with Crista I am ready for love!

“I had poor belief systems around love and relationships; my heart was broken upon broken and I processed it to mean I’m not good enough; I didn’t think I was capable of love; I didn’t think I deserved love; i didn’t believe men loved or wanted to love. I wanted it bad but I had no idea that the behaviors I was doing was in fact getting in the way. I didn’t know how to fix my dissatisfied feeling about my dating life.

After working with Crista I am ready for love! I believe I am worthy! Becoming open to love and men and knowing what I wanted in a man was the best thing I got.”

She will give you the tools.

“My favorite part of the process was that Crista did an excellent job identifying the sources of problems in my love life. Before this process, I didn’t have a strong understanding of my actions. I feel much more aware now of my positive and negative tendencies and am better equipped to handle them. She will give you the tools you need to be a happy, healthy, and sexy person in your life.”

Chris A.
Chicago, IL

Crista is just pure love and joy.

“When I came to Crista I was dating emotionally unavailable people. I loved working with Crista who is just pure love and joy. During her “Yes to Love” program I re-established my “must have” list for a partner.

My new girlfriend is sweet and wonderful and treats me like I am a queen.  She makes me breakfast in bed, or brings it into the home office when I am working.  She misses me when I am gone and is offering to help me with my mom’s doctor appointments. She loves my family and wants to join the family.   So far, things are fantastic!”

Angelique N.
Austin, TX

Every person should work with Crista.

“I’d say that every person should work with Crista. We’re the only ones who can help ourselves and it is until we can search within ourselves to reconstruct our inner soul, can we truly be the best version of ourselves, in turn, preparing us for love.”

Tania G.
Austin, TX

Crista guides you and provides the rails so you don’t drive off track!

“It’s hard and painful to work through issues around love! It feels lonely and painful because a lot of times friends we hang out with aren’t single or don’t understand our specific trials and tribulations around love. Crista guides you and provides the rails so you don’t drive off track!”

I would definitely recommend working with Crista!

“I would definitely recommend working with Crista! If anyone is considering her program, I’d say don’t hesitate. Just jump in with an open mind and heart, let yourself be challenged and changed, and prepare to be amazed at what will open up for you.”

Laura P.
Los Lunas, NM

Crista’s great for getting perspective.

“The program “Yes to Love” is pretty tightly focused and well presented. It’s a good start for understanding yourself and what you want. I would recommend it, especially if you are finding dating super stressful or frustrating. It’s great for getting perspective.”

Regina B.
Austin, TX

I have manifested an incredible partner!

“I adore you Crista. You spoke such wise and uncomfortable truths to me when I was in a dark place wrestling my single motherhood and the terrifying prospect of dating again after a long, celibate sabbatical!

I heard you in my head so often: “Create your compass. Send out signals to your friends. Be open. Get out there – bring a book or magazine to a bar to meet men!” That one was so scary… but I did that faithfully every other weekend for SIX months – gaining confidence and genuine appreciation for myself. I dated myself first. And I became super-selective; I began to value myself so much that I honestly wondered if I’d ever find anybody worthy of me and my son’s space.

You said, “Single fathers will be great matches”, even when I fought back, saying I didn’t want to “share” somebody with his children. And I found, in the end, that a single dad had a MORE expansive heart and ability to love me and respect my space. You said, “Find somebody who LOVES his life” in order to foster abundance, non-neediness, and non-clinginess.

Now I have manifested an incredible partner! THANK YOU CRISTA!”

Steph H.
Austin, TX

Because of Crista I was able to sort out the right man for me.

“Because of Crista I am able to sort out the right man for me; I am able to understand that if the man I like doesn’t like me back it’s not personal. I’m able to open my heart to the possibility that love will come to me for certain and will come to me soon. I’m able to understand that if I’m feeling negative about the process of dating and finding a mate, it could be due to what negative stories I’m telling myself about the process.”

I am grateful beyond words for what you do.

“Crista, Even without meeting you face to face, I find you to be one of the most generous and genuine souls I have ever met. Your willingness to work with me despite my less-than-ideal circumstances is so incredibly humbling, and I am grateful beyond words for what you do. You’re helping me and others connect with the most powerful thing in the world alongside others – what could be more amazing? <3”

Laura P.
Los Lunas, NM


After working with Crista I became more patient with the process of dating. Before working with her I felt frustration and helpless about my dating life. Now I understand the importance of prioritizing my love life and have learned not to attach to much to any idea or interpretation of a date.

Regina B.
Austin, TX

I found the confidence.

Before Crista: A flat-out lack of dates…and fear of trying for them again because of past bad experiences.

After Crista: I found the confidence in myself that I needed to take charge of what I really want in my love life.

Laura P.
Los Lunas, NM

Her work is deep.

Crista has a way of helping me to see my truth and to see the dynamics at play so that I can understand what is driving the show when it’s not my true self. Her work is deep. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge her and share how VALUABLE she is. You can’t put a price on the gifts that Crista shares.

Tania L
Austin, TX

I highly recommend Crista.

“After working with Crista, I told my best friend that all of the love that she’s ever dreamed of is absolutely possible and available. We are in control of our own lives. When we stand up for ourselves and take responsibility for our healing and for ourselves – miracles transpire.”

Neetu P.
Round Rock, TX

Break the cycle.

When dating men on the internet or in person, while trying to find a quality man, there are disappointments all along the way. These disappointments lead to a feeling of futility and unhappiness. Dating again and again from the place of unhappiness and frustration leads to more frustration and disappointment. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that’s hard to break without Crista!!

Crista is the jam.

Crista is the love attractor.

Crista is the best!