I had been divorced for over a decade, had put my love life on the back-burner spending 12 years waiting for the perfect time to jump back into the dating scene, but I never did, until I met Crista. When I first came to her I was hiding from dating by concentrating on my kids and business. I sought out Crista’s support because I was afraid to get started, I didn’t know how to date after 12 years being single, and I needed a better sense of who would be a good fit for me. Working with Crista transformed my life. In less than a year I am now working out regularly, taking golf lessons, building my new dream house, and exclusively dating a wonderful woman who is a loving, healthy, and respectful Christian woman – just what I was wanting (after figuring that out with Crista!) When I look back to the beginning of this year dating seemed like such a big issue, but I realized from the coaching that it was all in my head, and the improvement I made in my life in just 6 months was astounding. I definitely recommend working with Crista.