Before I started my dating coaching with Crista I was not over my ex and it was weighing heavy on me.  Not wanting to let him go was hurting me and prevented me from having a great man in my life. I really needed help letting go of these patterns when it came to men, so that is why I reached out to Crista to learn how to date in a healthy way.  I really needed help in how to change my thinking so I could accept the right kind of person into my life.

She helped me develop my personal dating compass. I didn’t realize how much I needed it! It helped me to know the critical traits I needed in a partner and to know what I was really looking for. I also developed a bigger confidence and belief in myself in this process.

Now I am in an exclusive relationship with a man who treats me very well. We have open and honest communication and he even cooks for me! I feel very cared for.

Working with Crista has been a journey of self discovery. I feel like I have evolved a lot as a person.