online datingThe REAL Secret to Dating Online…Without Stress

These days, you can hardly scroll through your TV channels without seeing another Match or eHarmony ad of how someone rose from the ashes of loneliness to have “success” in love and online dating — and how you can do the same, if you just sign up for their app.

And yet, how many of the people who get the dating app actually become successful at finding the love of their life?

The problem isn’t that these apps don’t work…

It’s that they won’t work for you unless you have ONE critical success factor in place.

What’s the success factor in online dating?

Before I answer that, let me ask you…

What if you always felt confident in your ability to choose great dating partners, stand for what you’re worth, and not settle?

What if you had an almost “make it rain” ability to attract quality dates, when you want them — without investing more hours than you already are, or feeling stressed and on the brink of overwhelm?

What if you knew, without a doubt, that you were “destined” to be in a life partnership and that your relationship was going to be one of the ones that “made it?”

For many single people, that isn’t the way it always works, unfortunately.

And if online dating and finding the love of your life feels hard, then I have something to share with you.

You know that I’m all about Rewriting Your Love Story. You hear me share in my Facebook feed, Instagram, and signature programs that the stories you tell yourself influence your success.

Well, what you may not know is that there is one success factor that you can absolutely integrate today into your journey to find love. This component will counteract the number one reason why people get upset with the online dating scene:


  • You take it personal when someone doesn’t message you back after you crafted a fun initial message.
  • You take it personal when you write “hey” and you get no response.
  • You take it personal when someone unmatched you.
  • You take it personal when you were having a few fun messages and then they don’t message back in a few days.

The list can go on and on. There are so many things you can take personally when you enter the world of online dating, but this will just cause you to suffer, and perhaps even have you show up as a “not so great” dating partner.

And over the years in helping men and women rewrite their love story, teaching them to clear their blocks to love, transform their dating mindsets, and collectively date more quality partners, I have discovered a “secret” to not take things personally in dating online:


In other words, when you are obviously taking something personally, take on the possibility that what this person is doing, or not doing, has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

  • Perhaps they didn’t message you back after you sent them a fun initial message because they spent one night swiping right on way too many people, and then they got a flood of messages, got overwhelmed, and took a break from the app.
  • Perhaps they didn’t write back to your “hey” message because they already received 20 “heys” that day and got bored.
  • Perhaps someone unmatched you because you clearly stated in your profile that you are looking for a LTR (and they were just looking for a hook-up).
  • Perhaps someone doesn’t message you back on the app right away because they are running a business and they need to focus on the task at hand and they don’t have time to be on the app all day.

In reality, you have no idea what is going on on their side. If you take all of this personally, you are going to drive yourself crazy, feel bad, and then shout to the rooftops, “I HATE ONLINE DATING!”

Don’t Take Anything Personally When Dating Online

You can have the best profile ever written, awesome photos, and the greatest ability to banter — and you’ll still have to not take what people do online personally.

That’s why I love my Sure-Fire Dating Formula Program. I walk you step-by-step through the process of rewriting your love story, letting go of past baggage, building your dating compass, and transforming your ability to date with confidence online.

If you want to learn the mistakes that single people make that keep them stressed and overwhelmed online — and how you can eliminate these, connect with me.

In my program you’ll learn what it takes to succeed in the online dating age, as well as the main mistakes that so many single people make that keep them spinning their wheels without attracting any real potential partners — or force them to quit dating altogether!

More importantly, you’ll learn how to eliminate these mistakes. As you’re doing the work to rewrite your love story, this training will support you to open and expand your mind, and finally find the love you are looking for.

But for now, don’t take anything personally in life…especially online dating.

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