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Tip 1: About Me (Who I am)”, when writing in this section consider that your written words will be read by your potential match. Example of what NOT to write, “I am Crista Beck, I am a 46 yr old Matchmaker and I live in Austin, TX…”  Example of what to write, “After growing up in the suburbs of NYC, I left to attend college in Upstate New York where I fell in love with meditation and literature. I talk to my sister nearly every day, as you will often hear us giggling about the latest vegan meme…”

Tip 2: “Describe what you are looking for in the person you want to meet,” when writing in this section your written words could be read to your potential match.  Example of what NOT to write, “Rich, successful, handsome, not short, tall, looks like George Clooney!”  Example of what to write, “I am looking for a loving partner who likes to learn new things, has healthy lifestyle, loves to travel, and passionately explores life.”

Tip 3: Use current photos from the past 6 months and refrain from using filters that change the way you look in real life. We want to see the REAL you!

Tip 4: Please double-check the spelling of your email address.

Tip 5: Check your email inbox immediately after submitting the application below. You will have received a link to complete a full profile. 


Be sure to check your email immediately after submitting your application.