Release Your Hidden Barriers To Love
Let Go Of Past Relationships And Patterns
And Attract Your Best Possible Partner Into Your Life

Preparing to receive love is more powerful than running out to try to find it. You absolutely must let go of past relationships and patterns in order to attract your best possible partner into your life. Jumpstart Your Heart™ is a powerful and proven process for recognizing your own blocks to love. It was created to assist people in releasing their past relationship residue so they can feel freer and open to love.

In this five week process, you will learn healthy skills for completely healing the end of any relationship, no matter how devastating or difficult. You can use this same process as a precise and proven pathway through the completion of a current relationship, or to heal a past heartache.

Jumpstart Your Heart™ is an opportunity to complete past failed relationships, and to understand why you may have created the same disappointing experiences over and over, so that you never have to repeat that same dynamic again.

Because some feelings are driven underground, not recognized, and remain hidden, they can become troublesome forces driving your actions in finding love. Once you’ve healed your emotions and your past, you’ll not only know more clearly what you want and need from a relationship, you’ll be much better equipped to create that happy, healthy love.

So even if your heart is healed completely, unless you’ve identified and released your unhealthy relationship patterns and false beliefs about yourself and what is possible for you in love, those obstacles can actually block your ability to create the kind of lifetime-love you so deeply desire and deserve.

The good news is that once you can see these barriers clearly and understand how you can evolve beyond them, you’ll be able to truly attract a wonderful partner, and you’ll never ever have to go through that kind of heartbreak again.

In other words, you have to give up wishing for love, and instead make the commitment to evolve beyond your past patterns and cause love to happen in your life. By creating your very best life, you can attract your very best love.

During this process you will:

Session 1: In this session you will learn to become in tune with the feelings that are already present in your body and train yourself to be connected with them in a way that you can liberate yourself from any old feelings that may have gotten stuck from your experiences with past relationships.

Session 2: In this session, you will start to look at patterns and habits in your relationship/s by exploring what you stepped over and ways that you gave your power away. By exploring your feelings and needs, you will begin to discover the needs that were not met from past relationships.

Session 3: In this session, you will continue the journey of looking at the patterns that you carry with you and the ones that set you up to fail in future relationships. You will explore your lineage and what traits were handed down from past generations and how you can begin the process of evolving your lineage.

Session 4: In this session, you will clear away where you hold the old pain and take back what you gave in your past relationship/s and clear the emotional residue. You will see clearly and objectively the impact of your choices on your former partner/s and this will give you access to personal growth and forgiveness.

Session 5: In this session you will experience a magical process that will liberate and empower you to move forward with loving and conscious completion. You will open the floodgates of what is possible for you in love, and expand your heart with confidence and joy to attract a healthy, happy new love that will make you grateful for the completion of your old one.

To join this unique 5-week program or to learn more, please contact Crista Beck here.

What people are saying:

“An extraordinary catalyst for your evolution and transformation.”

“You absolutely must let go of past relationships and patterns in order to attract your best possible partner into your life”

“My biggest fear was not getting anything out of this or feeling worried that there was no more room for growth or progression. i realized that I was still holding onto a lot from the past. I faced (and resolved) many feelings that I didn’t know still existed in regards to my previous relationships.”

“I’d say that every person should do this. As humans we tend to hold on to feelings and foster them deep inside, and subconsciously we’re waiting for someone to mend those harbored feelings (or prove us wrong). However, we’re the only ones who can help ourselves and it is until we can search within ourselves to reconstruct our inner soul, can we truly be the best version of ourselves, in turn, preparing us for love.”

“I saw my strongest self in the process of facing my past and healing myself.”

“When we stand up for ourselves and take responsibility for our healing and for ourselves – miracles transpire.”

“I have found new love that feels better than any love I have ever had.”

“Everyone needs to do this! It will help you to dig deep and address things that you never did, remove the walls and webs you have built inside. It will help you to feel free to talk to your inner self, listen, figure out what hurts, learn to break patterns, throw the hurt away, and use the tools learned to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Allow your light to shine!”

“My biggest fear was that I would have to talk about things that I  really didn’t want to talk about. But I did, and in the most safe, comfortable, warm and loving space that you created. I loved that you allowed me to be me, in my rawest form. Your gift of making people feel comfortable with uncomfortable topics allowed me to dig into spaces I may have been too afraid to otherwise. Our journey through my past relationships, and my past selves was even more special because of your ability to make me feel more at ease with everything we explored.”

“We sometimes don’t fully understand how much relationships affect us. Your approach to healing is both pleasantly unexpected and thorough.”

“I felt increasingly renewed after each session, but I can truly say I felt cleansed and empowered after our closing. I even recommended your course to one of my ex’s!”

“Before this process, I didn’t have a strong understanding of my actions. I feel much more aware now of my positive and negative tendencies and am better equipped to handle them.”

To learn more about this unique 5-week program, please contact Crista Beck here.

The next Jumpstart Your Heart will be starting on Wednesday April 22. It meets every Wednesday from 7pm-9pm for 5 weeks. The dates of each session will be April 22, April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20.

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