Heartfully with Crista Beck Episode 5

Life is filled with beauty, yet we often overlook it amidst our busy days. We get caught up in our routines and obligations, forgetting to pause. In this episode, I reveal how I created my own transformational journey that deepened my relationship with my heart and how I discovered the essence of beauty. It’s a story that invites you to consider how viewing life through the lens of beauty can transform your perception of everything – from your partner or your date to the world around you. I truly believe that we all possess the power to shift our perspective at any given moment. Let’s embark on this exploration together and unlock the frequency of beauty in our lives.


  • Unleash the power of beauty in your love life
  • Elevate your frequency, elevate your life
  • Discover the secret to finding true beauty in all aspects of life


The Host:

Crista Beck

As the host of Heartfully Crista loves creating a place where people can open their hearts to love. She is also the author of the Amazon best selling book, Break The Glass Slipper: Free Yourself of Fairy Tale Fantasies and Find True Love in Real Life. 

Known as “The Love Radar,” Crista has been featured on ABC, NBC, FOX, and TEDx. Her love and dating advice has been heard by over a million people globally. With over 20,000 hours of meditation as well as an award winning violinist, Crista brings pure love to her 15+ years in the love and relationship industry.

Website: cristabeck.com

Facebook: Crista.Beck

LinkedIn: cristabeck

Instagram: @cristabeck

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