girl from the back at desk writingAll single people who are serious about finding a long term committed partner need to take the time to really think about they type of partner they want in their long term future. When I watched this Ted Talk by data geek, Amy Webb, I squealed with delight, because the project that she took on is exactly the journey that I take my clients though to find their dream relationship.

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Amy’s access to finding “the one” online was based upon her absolute clarity of what she was looking for in a man, in a future husband, and in a future father. Over and over again, I tell my clients that they need to get clear about what they want. She analytically thought through her future partner like I have never seen anyone do before. She inspired me and I want you to get inspired by the hard work, introspection, and time that she devoted to finding her dream man.

Also, this video will help you to understand the importance of the words and photos you use in your online dating profile to attract the specific kind of man you are looking for.

Online dating doesn’t have to be a daunting task, all you need is to know what you want, craft a compelling profile, and take daily action.