That’s why people make up a lot of stories as to why they are still single and say they can’t find love. You know you are making up stores right? Like, “I don’t have time.”  “Love will just find me.” “Online dating stinks.” But you need to take action!

And these actions don’t even need to be huge! They can be little mini actions. Smile at that cutie. Flirt with that hottie at the gym. Check in on your dating profile for 5 minutes. Buy a new pair of jeans to wear on your next date.  Try on an engagement ring.

When you are clear about what you want and you truly believe in your heart that this person exists, not even an episode of Game of Thrones can stop you from taking baby steps, every day.

So take consistent action DAILY so you can find a lovely human to snuggle with because…. Winter is coming….