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The Shocking Truth about Prince Charming

Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Podcast Episode 5 Picking the wrong guys? Falling for men too quickly? So many single women have the desire to be swept off their feet by their Prince Charming, but when it comes to dating and investing your time (and heart) into someone, you must know these important […]

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How to Stay Centered in a World of Ghosting

Break the Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Episode 4 Summary: What should you do when a man you’ve been communicating with stops talking to you suddenly? Instead of focusing on and wondering whether you were ghosted, Crista discusses what you could concentrate on instead. Powerful ghosting advice for women in the early stages of dating […]

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Does Height Matter?

Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Podcast Episode 3 Would you date a man shorter than you? Crista breaks down two surprising factors that could affect your choice in men and limit your options. Your height preferences may have more to do with a biological instinct rather than your adamant perception that you are […]

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How Safe Is Your Love Life from Hollywood?

Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Podcast Episode 1 Wondering why love hasn’t happened for you yet? When it comes to finding a long-term committed relationship, it’s important to distinguish your own fairy tale fantasies about dating. Single women have been highly influenced by media from Hollywood that has affected our minds, and therefore, […]

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The REAL Secret to Online Dating

Break The Glass Slipper with Crista Beck Podcast Episode 2 Are you tired of all the inauthenticity on dating apps? When it comes to finding a real connection with a quality person, it’s important to recognize the fairy tales around online dating that major dating apps are publicizing worldwide. The fantasy they feed you is […]

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Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Break the Glass Slipper With Crista Beck Podcast! Launching Oct. 8, 2020 Break the Glass Slipper With Crista Beck Podcast Launches Oct. 8, 2020 Here’s a little taste of what is in this teaser trailer… Tired of not meeting the right men? Get a strong dose of raw and honest truth from […]

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Can’t Keep up? 3 Ways to Simplify Your Dating Process

While there are no shortages of singles in this world and it’s sometimes difficult to meet the right people, there is one dating method that you can always count on, so long as you do it the right way. Yes, when done well, online dating is one of the best ways to consistently and dependably […]

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Your Dating Compass™ – What It Is And Why You Need One


Curious about the Dating Compass™, then let’s be real with each other: Dating to find real love is an incredible act of heart and will — especially when you are ready to share your life with someone and get the partner you have always wanted, without having to settle.  … But unfortunately, having the desire to find the […]

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The Desire To Find Love and Consistent Action

find love

That’s why people make up a lot of stories as to why they are still single and say they can’t find love. You know you are making up stores right? Like, “I don’t have time.”  “Love will just find me.” “Online dating stinks.” But you need to take action! And these actions don’t even need […]

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